Microsoft 70-489、Microsoft 90-364、Microsoft 070-412、Microsoft 70-488 Questions And Answers

When the first master slept well, he moved his legs against the back of the dog. Subsequently, the dog snorted and the blue stone was lying on the ear. He slammed up from the ground and heard the cry of a mouse on the mountain ridge, and the paws of the mouse group running fast. The dog is standing outside the banquet and is squatting on the beam. The prince came out and patted the dog’s head and let it go back to the banquet circle to keep the jade tree. When the sky is white, the moonlight is light and clear, and there is a faint fragrance in the air. Climbing up the scaffolding and squatting on the side of the mountain ridge, 70-489the first lord first smelled a strong dark red rat smell in the air, and the dusty smell of the sky.
  He rubbed his eyes and saw only the beam slid down the ground, and a layer of cloud-like black was running south. He came down from the scaffolding. He was afraid that the rats would suddenly turn around and rush to the jade. When I saw it in the room, the jade tree was still green and straight, and the scorpion erected two ears and was black and bright in the air. Don’t call, the first master touched the dog’s ear and said, can’t remind the mice that there is smoke here. They know that there is food in places where people smoke.
  At this time, the sound of the rain on the mountain ridge was small. The prince patted the dog’s head and quietly touched the beam. When he was on the edge of the beam, he saw that there were ten or twenty dead mice screaming along the road from the side to the south. He couldn’t believe it anyway. 90-364The original road surface was like an iron beam. Refers to a thick layer of gray, the mouse’s paw prints one by one, and there is no empty space on the road for the pins.
  The first man stood on the side of the road and was shocked.
  The prince thought, where are they going to move?
  Maybe this drought is going on without end. The first master said, will they move like this if they don’t go down? Isn’t it true that mice are not afraid of water, and there are planks and mats that won’t starve? Now even the mice have moved home, it’s obvious that the drought will continue. How long is it. The first master thought about it alone. When he wanted to turn back, he faintly heard the sound of falling rain in the north. He knew that it was not rain, and there was another team of mice coming. Tightening on the body, standing on a high place, looking at the distance with bright colors, the blood on his body suddenly condensed. He saw that instead of a rat, it was a flood that rushed along the road. The blue-violet-violet rat was called the front of the flood-like mouse team, and the wolverine screamed in a strange way. The team behind the tidal wave rushed toward the front, waved waves, and nearly became thin. The rain turned into a storm of overwhelming rain. Many mice suddenly jumped up like a fish leaping from the surface of the water, 070-412and fell to the surface of the mouse team. The sky has begun to whiten, and the blue air is getting stinky and pungent. The first hand suddenly filled his hands with sweat. He knows that this team only needs to turn around. He and the nephew and the jade tree don’t want to live in this world anymore. They are already hungry. Hungry mice are even biting their noses and ears. He wants to run back and tell the blind man, don’t make a big noise, but it’s too late.
  The team of mice was black and lacquered like a fog, and the first man was busy sprinting and hiding behind a banyan tree (the banyan tree was only thicker than his arm). A few mice in front of the mouse team. It’s huge, it’s all gray and shiny, a little cat or a weasel. The prince has never seen such a large rat. The prince thought this was the rat king that the ancestors said. He saw the eyes of the first few rat kings green and bright, shining with blue and full of light.
  They jumped like a Pegasus, jumped a little less than a foot five inches away, and lit up the dusty felt on the back of the Rats. The prince wants to cough. He didn’t dare to cough up with his hand on his throat. The sky is white and bright, and the cool morning arrives as scheduled. The snowy clouds in the sky of the blue sky are like scales. Needless to say, the sun’s sharp light is afraid to be sharper than in the past. Will the unspoken rat group escape like this? The prince flashed out from behind the tree. No mouse looked at him. They were no longer afraid of people, but the sky, the sun. It is a great drought. He stood motionless on the side of the road and watched the mouse team screaming and ran over, listening to the soft persimmons of the mice that fell off the road. He couldn’t understand that these mice would pile up bigger than a mountain. How did they get together? They had a commanding unity to move south. Where is the south? Is there food, water and no daylight? The sun is shining in the east, and the prince suddenly finds that all the mice’s eyes have turned bright red, and one grain is on the road like a rolling bead. There were hundreds of rats that had been squeezed out of the road and ran to the fields on both sides. I didn’t know where they disappeared.
  The sun came out, and a silver-gray, silver-black rat hair was dancing in the sun, such as the spring catkins in March. The prince took a long sigh of relief on the beam and walked down the beam. The footsteps looked old and weak in the quiet morning. He went to the jade in the seat and he saw the blind man staring at the beam with blind eyes. The direction of the cold sweat is hanging on the tip of the ear. The next book network


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